We at Galenus Pharma aim to support a better health care for healthy life, our long experience in the pharmaceutical field helped us identifying patients' needs and find creative and effective solutions. This was the catalyst that resulted in the success of Galenus Pharma, starting from identifying potential problems facing our patients, to searching for the right solution and bringing it within the reach of our doctors' and patients' hands. Our frequent analysis for the individual needs of our precious society helped us see beyond the obvious when it comes to address those needs. This is why we were pioneers in solving common dilemmas in health practice with advanced solutions, tailored to our individual market and custom made to our needs. Our dynamic and fresh approach to deal with international partners and deep insights into our root society placed us in this privileged place to serve our market and achieve mutual success to our partners. We are indeed proud of our achievement since 2003, but we believe that journey for better health is still ahead with our very fertile market and our fast developing society to serve. We believe that with our young talented staff and our international partners we will continue to promote good health for better life. And to deliver on our pledge "Your partner for healthy life"