About us
Galenus is the sole agent and distributor for European pharmaceutical and medical companies in Syria and Levant countries. We are a family business with a long history and substantial experience in the Syrian and the Middle East market through managing the sales and markets of world leading pharmaceutical companies. We are also the main shareholder for ( Biomed Pharma ) An ISO 9001:2000 GMP Syrian pharmaceutical industrial company. Our extensive experience in marketing and selling pharmaceutical products in Syria puts us in a unique position to provide fast access to newcomers into the domestic market. The success of Galenus Pharma is built on the following four pillars:
- Our ability to spot the market needs and identify the right products and the right promotion tools, professionally guided by our team in Galenus Scientific Office.
- Our long standing experience and knowledge in the registration process, enabled us to bring many new products onto our market in record times by overcoming the hurdles of the registration process in creative and ethical ways .
- Our long history in pharmaceutical marketing and sales allowed us to build good relationships with key decision makers in public and private sectors.
- Our well established and widespread networks, which have and will always insure the availability for our products to our potential customers.